Where to Find Reliable News Sources in the Bronx, NY

In this digital age of misinformation it can be difficult to find trustworthy sources of news about local government entities in Bronx NY. Read this article to learn where you can find reliable sources.

Where to Find Reliable News Sources in the Bronx, NY

In a digital age of misinformation, it can be difficult to find trustworthy sources of news. To ensure that citizens are informed about their local government, it is important to support local and regional publications that adhere to ethical journalism standards. In my area of Long Island, I read (and sometimes write for) the Great Neck News and the chain of newspapers it belongs to. This year, I plan to subscribe to Newsday, the largest newspaper covering Long Island.

I urge citizens to also subscribe to their local newspapers, as this helps these organizations employ journalists who attend town hall meetings, school board meetings, and police stations to report on how their tax dollars are being spent, how their constitutional rights are being protected, and how well their elected officials are serving them. The New York Times (NYT) is one of the most influential newspapers in the United States. It is known for its progressive, left-wing views on current events. However, the NYT also respects ethical standards of information and classic elements of journalism in the US.

This is what helps the NYT remain a leader in business, political and cultural coverage. Cable media could learn from the BBC model. While PBS produces great entertainment programs, documentaries, and news, its news programs often lack the creative energy of the BBC. Similarly, NPR produces fantastic journalism but most of its news coverage comes from rereporting news from the New York Times and the Associated Press.

The American public perceives NPR to be more left-wing than the BBC. Another British export, The Economist magazine, has excellent economists and journalists who produce a meticulously edited and rigorous account of what is happening in the world each week. One oddity is that The Economist does not publish the signatures of its writers so you never know who wrote a particular article.

The New Yorker

is an American treasure that releases sophisticated non-fiction narrative pieces by top writers and reporters every week in a print magazine and increasingly on other platforms.

The magazine itself publishes a work of fiction every week (identifying it as such). Long nonfiction stories on politics, culture, business, and other topics often take months to publish, write, and verify. The result is comprehensive reports and analyses each week that are hard to find elsewhere. And the narrative structures and techniques that writers use make reading enjoyable.

Like the Times, The New Yorker presents a progressive view of the world. Conservative readers should recognize this but not let it stop them from enjoying some of the best reporting and writing in the world. However, you can trust that these organizations' reports are objective and provide a backbone for news and information flows about politics and the economy. You can follow these organizations on social media or follow certain journalists from these organizations who report on topics of interest to you.

These cable services also have websites and mobile apps that you can use to stay up-to-date with news. Explore the most popular news in Bronx about local health, government, education, arts, food, sports, and opinion. ABC7 New York provides up-to-date news coverage of events happening in Bronx on this page. This Is The Bronx is a “All About Bronx” web portal designed for Bronx residents or anyone interested in Bronx.

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